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Growing up, I was always very fond of school. Academia was the area where I found the most success, and I truly loved learning. In 2014 I graduated high school and started my Undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara, where I settled in as a History major. When it came time for me to decide on my post-grad plans in 2018, I decided I would attend a PhD program and continue the research I had started with my senior honors thesis.

I had a few months between graduation and the scheduled start date of my PhD program, so I moved back home and accepted a part time job with the Boys and Girls Club of America. From my very first day, I was hooked. I had never been so excited for work in my life, I was constantly thinking of ways to strengthen my connection with my students and maximize their experience in the program. It took less than a month for me ( a self- diagnosed chronic over thinker) to rescind my acceptance to the PhD program and apply for a credential program.

That simple part time job awoke something in me that was impossible to ignore. The one thing I love more than learning myself, is inspiring a love of learning in others. Seeing students exercising agency and expressing interest in their own education is my greatest joy. Being able to play a role in equipping students to advocate for themselves and grow into educated and informed citizens is the highest honor I could ever hold.

In summary: I simply love learning, and that is why I teach.

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